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​Here is our tea catalog:

​​     Our tea gardens are scattered in the keemun black tea core region, which belongs to the huangshan mountain areas, far away from the cities, free of pollution, and world famous as Huangshan scenic resort. The area is also known as "The Golden Triangle of Chinese Green Tea", where at least four of Chinese Top Ten Teas come from.
     Many tea gardens here have existed more than 100 years. For generations people work and live with them. During the tea picking seasons over 8000 people are employed in our tea gardens. Most of them are women. Nowdays people come to realize the signification of sustainability and enviroment protection, we are among the first to abandon the use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. 
     Our tea factory sticks to the traditional method to produce the keemun black tea, which can fully exert the keemun black tea's distinguishing feature. The tea factory has been exporting the keemun tea, and our tea is fully compliant with the EU pesticide residues and US Microorganism standards.